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2017 MCPA Membership

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Benefits of Membership

Over the past year, the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association (MCPA) made many important changes to our core programs and offerings as well as some significant strides, particularly at the Legislature, that we feel directly benefit every member of our organization.

Here are a few highlights of what we accomplished in 2016:

  • Hosted small agency breakout sessions at ETI based on feedback from small agency members (15 or fewer officers)
  • Added to our training offerings with the Advanced CLEO and Command Academy and the Officer Leadership Development Seminar to help chiefs improve decision making at the street level and groom their officers for future success
  • Worked with our law enforcement partners, key lawmakers and stakeholders to pass body-worn camera legislation that protects the privacy of officers and citizens and ensures agency accountability and transparency
  • Moved the MCPA offices to a more central location and invested in video conference technology that will make participation in committees and trainings easier for all members regardless of agency size, budget or location
  • Recognized two agencies (one small and one large) with our Excellence in Innovation Award
  • Awarded our first Legislator Recognition Award to State Senator Ron Latz of St. Louis Park

We’re proud of the changes and the progress that we’ve made this past year and will continue what we’ve started. We are also planning new initiatives in 2017. They include:

  • Launching the MCPA Peer Support Program, which is aimed at helping every member in times of personal and professional need or crisis 
  • Developing and hosting new training offerings focused on body-worn cameras, social media and police practices and policies for city administrators who could benefit from a better understanding of the policing profession 
  • Providing a portion of the education offerings at ETI online for members who can’t attend the conference
  • Offering (for the first time) full scholarships to ETI for small agencies
  • Hosting two Critical Issues Forums (one in the metro and one in Greater MN) where Regional Reps and members from every region can share their insight and ideas on the most important issues facing local law enforcement today. Those ideas will be part of our new Strategic Plan that will be developed in June of 2017

Membership Types

VOTING. Eligible for Voting membership are chief law enforcement officers of state or local law enforcement agency in the State of Minnesota authorized by law to employ peace officers, excluding county sheriffs.  The chief law enforcement officers shall be the highest-ranking officer in the agency holding an active POST license under the rules of the Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST Board).  Dues are paid annually based on the number of licensed officers following this schedule.  

1-5 officers - $165

6-15 officers - $230

16-50 officers - $$290

51+ officers - $320

ASSOCIATE. Eligible for Association membership are:  (a) federal, state or local law enforcement official whose office is in the State of Minnesota, or a contiguous state or province, and who is in charge of, the second-in-command of, or holds the rank of captain or higher of the law enforcement agency, including county sheriff's departments, and who does not qualify to be a voting member; (b) any appointed official who directly supervises persons eligible for membership under Section 4, subsection (a) or under Section 2, and who does not qualify to be a voting member; (c) any person who has been a member of the association and who has retired from public service.   Annual dues:  $130

SUPPORTING. Eligible for Supporting membership are those individuals or business whose business or profession or interest brings them in close relationship with the Voting or Associate membership of the Association, and who support the mission and purpose of the Association.    Annual dues:  $175

RETIRED. Eligible for Retired membership are those individuals who were Voting members in good standing at the time of their retirement from public service, but who were not eligible for Life membership.  Annual Dues: $20