Minnesota Police Chief Magazine Advertising

Minnesota Police Chief and Minnesota Police Chief Online are the official publications of MCPA. These are great avenues to consistently market products and services to local law enforcement leaders throughout the year! The publications remain a top choice when chiefs research product & service information?”  Estimated Circulation 1,300

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Ad Sales Contact: Charles Kasbohm
Phone: 651.340.4848

Advertising Deadlines:
January 2019 - Personnel Issue/Online - December 15th deadline
February 2019 - Technology Issue/Print - January 2nd deadline
March 2019 – Training Issue/Online - February 12th deadline
April 2019 - Chiefs Marketplace/Print - March 2nd deadline
May 2019 - Community Issue/Online - April 14th deadline
July 2019 - Awards Issue/Print - June 2nd deadline
October 2019 - Communications Issue/Online - September 14th deadline
November 2019 - Wellness Issue/Print - October 2nd deadline

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