MCPA Legislative Recognition Award

Award Criteria

A current Minnesota Senator or Representative qualifies for recognition if he or she does at least one of the following:

  • Authors bills that address the legislative priorities identified by the MCPA Legislative Committee  
  • Supports bills that are consistent with MCPA’s positions as identified by the MCPA Legislative Committee  
  • Displays a desire to better understand and take action to solve the public policy challenges of law enforcement
  • Develops a thoughtful and persuasive argument that shapes the public narrative around an important issue facing local and/or national law enforcement

 Nomination and Selection Process

A current MCPA Voting member can nominate a legislator to be recognized by the association by filling out a nomination form and submitting it to the MCPA. The legislator must be in elected office at the time of the nomination to be eligible for recognition.

The annual deadline to submit nomination forms is June 1. The nomination forms can be found in the "Members Only" section of the MCPA website.