State legislature & municipalities consider reform proposals

A special session of the Minnesota state legislature has ended without an agreement between the House, Senate and governor Tim Walz on police reform.  Both bodies passed a number of bills that address police reform and accountability, but the chambers have not yet reached an agreement that would result in final passage.  Negotiations continued early Saturday morning until both chambers adjourned.  The governor must now decide whether and when to call another special session.  MCPA remains committed to major police reform measures including the recommendations of the Ellison/Harrington Police-Involved Deadly Force Encounters working group. The links and articles below offer insights on the various proposals.


Minnesota House of Representatives Reform Proposals
Special session ends without deal on policing Proposed legislation Labor committee approves arbitration changes


Minnesota Senate Proposals
MN Senate Police Reform Agenda Use of Force Reporting Requirements Use of Force Policy MCPA letter to Senate

Police-Involved Deadly Force Encounters Working Group
Recommendations Group Members Group Resources MinnPost: Will report get a serious look?

New Surveys: Police Reform & Attitudes Toward Law Enforcement
SurveyUSA: MN Protests & Police Most reject calls to defund Galllup: National pride drops Pew: Most support BLM

New Police Arbitration
House committee approves arbitration changes AFSCME opposes arbitration changes

21st Century Policing
Task Force Report IACP Bueprint Chuck Ramsey/NY Times: There is a playbook for reform

Human Rights Investigation Video: Chief announces reform plans What does 'defund' mean? Mpls officers write letter

8 That Can't Wait proposals
Vox: What is 8 That Can't Wait? Roseville policies Pittsburgh campaign Carlsbad policy

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