Download MCPA's new app for ETI and beyond


MCPA is kicking off our 2018 ETI and Law Enforcement Expo with a new app.  It is ready for you to download to your phone, tablet or desktop computer.  It takes just a few minutes to install.  The app has been a great addition to our conference and this year it comes with new features:  

  • We will update the app all year long with fresh information
  • In addition to the conference and expo, it has quick links to
    MCPA's training schedule, resources and legislative
  • The app is available to people who cannot attend ETI 2018

Check out the instructions below on how to download and open the app.









We upgraded our app based on feedback from our members.  More and more of you tell us you want to access MCPA material wherever you go.  So our staff will continue to update the MCPA App with fresh news, trainings and model policies long after the conference ends.