MCPA - In October, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) will move to a single nexTEST certification exam that will cover seven BCA applications.  BCA leaders say they are making this move in response to feedback about the number of required certification exams.

 Users will receive advance notice to complete the certification so that they won’t lose access to the applications they use.  The following applications will receive new certification exams:
·         Gun Permit Background Check
·         DVS Access via MyBCA
·         Mobile Access
·         LEIS – Law Enforcement Incident Search
·         N-DEx – National Data Exchange
·         CHRMS – Criminal History Records Management System
·         PsPortals
The single certification exam will be valid for two years and must be taken by all system users. Users will take the exam when their current certification expires or in advance of the expiration of their current certification(s).
The exam will focus on the Security Awareness Training requirements of the FBI CJIS Security Policy, state statutes, and federal and state policies regarding the appropriate accessing and handling of criminal justice information.
Users must complete all of the training required to pass the certification exam -- the training currently offered by the BCA will meet these needs.
The BCA will provide more information about the process closer to release of the single certification exam next month.  For more information, contact your agency auditor or Training and Auditing Assistant Director Gary Link at