A new solution to performing body-worn camera audits

Technology continues to rapidly change the law enforcement landscape in Minnesota. More agencies, large and small, are deploying body-worn cameras (or considering their deployment) to gather crucial evidence and enhance transparency with their communities. But with the benefits of body-worn cameras, comes significant financial challenges.

Beyond the infrastructure costs, the high price tag for comprehensive audits (required by statute) have prevented agencies and city councils from purchasing the technology, forced them to discontinue usage of the technology or, at the very least, made them think twice about the long-term return on the investment. These challenges are particularly great for the small agencies in our state.

The MCPA is always looking for ways to provide solutions for our members, and we’re pleased to announce a new partnership with Lynn Lembcke, who has launched her own independent audit firm aimed specifically at helping the small agencies control costs of but still conduct a comprehensive, professional audit.

“My goal is to provide a convenient and cost-effective service to agencies who participate inBody-worn camera audit rates portable recording system (body worn camera) programs for the biennial audit as required by MN Statute 13.825,” said Lembcke, who has worked as a civilian in the law enforcement field since 1987, starting in the Stevens County Sheriff’s Department and currently in the Burnsville Police Department where she is the Services Manager in Police Administration.

Lembcke understands the benefits body-worn camera data provides to both the public and law enforcement agencies.  The Burnsville Police Department was the first agency in Minnesota to implement a body worn camera program and Lembcke has been involved since its inception in 2010.  Her involvement has included planning, implementation, police development, data retention, reporting, monitoring, legislation and audits.  She has served as a resource to other agencies implementing body worn camera programs.

If you’re interested in hiring Lembcke or have questions, please contact her at 952-451-4566 or [email protected].  Her fee structure can be found in the box to the right.