Advanced CLEO and Command Academy

Addressing 21st Century Public Safety Challenges in Minnesota Communities


Exclusive training partner and Co-host of MCPA’s Advanced CLEO and Command Academy

Over nine months, two dozen Minnesota law enforcement leaders from a wide range of agencies (rural, metro, state and tribal) took part in the Association's inaugural Advanced CLEO and Command Academy. The cohort-style program featured a combination of in-class and distance learning. It is rooted in the six pillars of the President's report on 21st Century Policing. In addition to the class work, attendees researched and developed real-world strategies to solve challenges in their agencies.  Over the summer and early fall, the MCPA will roll out their reports and research on this page:

Reports and Research

Protecting the Peacemakers: A Comprehensive Wellness Approach for Minnesota’s Chief Law Enforcement Officers and Their Departments (MCPA's Wellness Resource Page)
The Worst Job I Ever Loved: Leading in a powerful culture
Building Legitimacy in and Un-trusting Climate

Practical ways and resources to build public trust and legitimacy
Guidelines on hosting a productive community meeting

Engaging community to develop solutions for young people
Organizational Change: A new, holistic approach to predatory crimes
Employee incentive program: the four elements for effective officer engagement 

More reports to come...

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Classroom discrimination policy

*Thanks to a generous matching grant from General Mills and Land-O-Lakes, MCPA has been able to offer a significant tuition discount.